Education division

The education divison is responsible for organizing, informing and monitoring the courses in the trade branch. The Secretary for Studies and the division have many different ways of identifying training needs. Each year, the trade unions, regional organizations and the union determine the priorities for action.

Training supports the realization of these goals. One good way to find training topics is through a workplace mapping.

While mapping jobs, one can ask what kind of training needs and interests members in positions of trust and other members have.

As experts in the association’s educational offerings, the important tasks of the study secretary and the study department are:

  • provide local training
  • informs about the courses of the regions and Murikkaopisto
  • ensure that the various actors in the professional department are aware of the training opportunities and rights involved in their training;
  • guide them to apply for courses
  • directing new shop stewards to training

Secretary of Studies
Jere Sedergren
+358 40 037 9081

Education division also includes Soile Blomberg and Pasi Parkkali.