Plan of action

The purpose of the trade union is to bring together employees and students in their fields of organization and contract into one advocacy organization.

Through the co-operation of the members, the professional department improves and defends working and pay conditions, economic, social and legal interests, and works to promote the social status, fairness and equality of employees. The trade union is a member of the Finnish Industrial Union

To this end, the trade union must:

  • Board meetings about 6-10 times a year or as needed
  • Spring Meeting (Members’ Meeting Open to All)
  • Nomination Meeting (Members’ Meeting Open to All)
  • Autumn meeting (members’ meeting open to all)
  • Board inaugural meeting.

Workplace shop stewards, occupational health and safety representatives and representatives of workrooms are welcome and invited to the meetings.

In addition, the branch has divisions that organize activities that are either open to everyone or aimed only at the target group of the divisions:

  • Culture and Leisure division: (for all members, eg Christmas parties, cruises, etc.)
  • Senior division (organizes a program for seniors in the vocational department, eg theater, etc.)
  • Youth division (organizes activities for student members and 35 and under members)
  • Advocacy division (Trustees and Occupational Safety and Health Commissioners)

The workplace organizing mapping is ongoing activity of the department, which aims to improve the union density and member’s activity. The workshop collectives will be founded at the workplaces in due time.